Pieces of Jewel

So, do you remember when that whole "Interests/Pages" thing happened with Facebook where Zuckerberg took the things you listed as interests and then automatically made you a fan of any Business Page that was associated with that interest? Wasn't that ridiculous?!

Anyway, that's why I am a fan of the Jewel fan page. She sent an update today that her new website was up, so I figured I'd give it a look-see. Very pretty! Her bio is so very interesting, you've gotta read it: Jewel Kilcher's full biography

Figured I'd share some pics, since she is just so beautiful and I love her wild Alaskan style, part country, part bohemian, totally feminine and free:

most pics are courtesy of eyeball.fm

Click on the album to list to some of my favorite songs in iTunes!



Angga said...

Loving your blog, I'm new to Jesus, I've just started on going to church couple weeks ago, i was born and raise with different religion and now i found my savior.
Following your blog <3

Jenn said...

Angaa :) Thanks so so much for the compliment of my blog! Thanks for sharing your story too, I can't wait to visit your blog to get to know you better <3 I also have a Christian blog if you want to check it out.. even if it's just to see that becoming Christian doesn't necessarily mean that life gets any easier, but that now you have Jesus on your side to fight your battles and give you hope :)
xoxo Jenn

Sharon said...

Thanks, great pictures of Jewel!

Jenn said...

thanks sha sha :-) <3

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