Paris Guide Part III of IV: What to Eat

It's been such a long time since I've been to Paris that I forget all the places I've eaten, but here are the two most important items on my "must-eat" list:
  • Any kind of baguette sandwich. Even when they barely put anything on them they are to die for! Be on the lookout for anything that looks like below:

  • Les sandwich grecs! You will NOT be disappointed. This is the ultimate late-night food. Lamb, tomatoes, lettuce, french fries, mayonnais.. all wrapped in the same pita sandwich?! (The restaurants are all over and they will say something like "Kebab" or "Halal" and most likely have arabic on the signs.)

or if you'd rather go the plated route, order une assiette and you'll get something delicious looking like this:

Honestly, if I could recommend only two things to eat there those are what I would recommend!!! But for a little more information, below are some restaurant reviews I found on NextStop - a travel site like Trip Advisor that has actually been bought out by Facebook and shut down.

Le Sancerre
Address: 35, Rue des Abbesses
Phone: 01 42 58 08 20
Price: Inexpensive
okev: How fun people do good food! The atmosphere is electric, the music stretches the imagination, the food is perfect for with the lads or a special lass

La Favela Chic
Address: 18 rue du Faubourg du Temple, 11er, Paris
Phone: 01-40-21-38-14
Price: Mid-range
okev: Literally means a chic brazilian slum, and is recommended fanatically by *almost* everyone - i've never been! Food, salsa, magic!

Au Pied de Cochon
Address: 6, Rue Coquillière
Phone: 01 42 36 02 84
Price: Mid-range
okev: A strategic address when visiting Paris. If you're dining very very late, the restaurants around Rue Coquilliere in central paris serve into the wee hours

Dans le Noir
Address: 51, Rue Quincampoix
Phone: 01 42 77 98 04
Price: Mid-range
okev: This has been years on my todo list. It's run by blind restaurateurs and share the experience with the diners: you'll eat in pitch darkness!

Bon appetit!

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