Fashion as Art

Genius & Gorgeous. That is all.

very raw..
this one has a Madonna-esque feel to it.. I likey...
high fashion, 21st century Mongolian warrior ;)
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Pieces of Jewel

So, do you remember when that whole "Interests/Pages" thing happened with Facebook where Zuckerberg took the things you listed as interests and then automatically made you a fan of any Business Page that was associated with that interest? Wasn't that ridiculous?!

Anyway, that's why I am a fan of the Jewel fan page. She sent an update today that her new website was up, so I figured I'd give it a look-see. Very pretty! Her bio is so very interesting, you've gotta read it: Jewel Kilcher's full biography

Figured I'd share some pics, since she is just so beautiful and I love her wild Alaskan style, part country, part bohemian, totally feminine and free:

most pics are courtesy of

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