Stolen from your boyfriend's closet

The lack of color in this post sure does contrast the last one!!

I love this style :) I think it usually works best on waif-thin body types, but I'd love to see if I could pull off the outfit I designed in the collage below! I should start doing "Get the Look" posts so that I can actually be more realistic and stop dreaming of the awesome clothes I could have if I won the lottery!!!

Visit the La Garçonne website! I love the minimalist feel; it's very clean and fresh!

Here are some StreetStyles from LookBook that I feel embody the gamine or la garçonne look (also called the "boyfriend" style):

Do you ever feel like dressing like this? Or is this your main style-personality?!


1 comment:

amy said...

Hey, I'm loving this look!

Thanks for your comment. I love Ebay, so many bargains!!!
I've never used Etsy though, I must take a look sometime.

Amy xx

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