Quick Glimpse of Beauty

Sorry no post yesterday, life got in the way!! Since tonight is a busy night too, I'll just leave you with some pretty faces to look at for now.

These girls are gorrrgeous! And I'm actually feelin pretty good about not being jealous of their beauty! haha :-P They're just blessed is all ;)

Credit for this collection of beautiful faces goes to -xobellebabe on!! Great stuff! You should check out her profile, she has lots of awesome artsy/fashion collages :)

Like this one!


Jenna said...

Lovely blog! Thanks for stopping by mine :) I always love to meet other wonderful Christian fashion bloggers...there is a solid community of faith-based bloggers out there, and it is inspiring to know you all! I will definitely stop back in soon, Jenn!


Jenn said...

Thanks :) I liked your blog too! And was very excited to see that you were Christian!

"See" you around! God bless,


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