Paris Fashion Week S/S 2011: Day One - Hideous or Avant-Garde?

Tell me what you think.
Are these outfits just a crazy and hideous joke?

Are the designers running out of ideas, so they just throw a bunch of random things together and call it fashion - just because they can?

Or do you think the designers are avant-garde and that they will be the inspiration for next Spring & Summer's off-the-rack retailers?

So tell me, do you think these styles will go from catwalk to sidewalk?
Or do you hope you never have to lay eyes on them again!?

Personally - I think the only half-way decent ones are the last three (and maybe the 6th and 7th images). I do think the second pink billowy dress is beautiful, but if you're looking at it as art, not as wearable fashion - which runway designs rarely are wearable, I know...
But as for catwalk to sidewalk?
I think only the last three have even the slightest hope of achieving that!



Tristin Thomsen said...

These are soooo crazy JENN! I am bumming! I had no idea that fashion week in Paris was SO close to the time I am visiting. I am going NEXT weekend! I would have DIED to be able to see a runway show, crazy outfits and all. I love your blog jenn! Keep it up!

Jenn said...

Thanks Tristin!!! :) Love your blog too - love hearing of your Euro-adventures. Can't WAIT to see your pics from Paris! I wonder if you would be able to see anything from the street because I don't think regular people are allowed to watch the shows! (and if so, it is probably soo expensive!) But yea, I would die too :)

Anonymous said...

Did you by any chance see the gorgeous dress that singer/songwriter and fiddler Sierra Noble was wearing when the paparazzi spotted her in New York City a couple of weeks ago?
Sierra was wearing a dress by Lilith from France and pair of cute boots.
Saw the paparazzi photos online showing celebrities spotted in New York City.
Also saw the dress on Sierra Noble's facebook profile page.

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