A New Closet Full of Basics?

3:30 p.m.

My dear husband is building me us a new closet in our bedroom, since we don't have one! It wont have walls, but we'll put a curved bar around the shelf and hanger-bar and we'll hang some pretty curtains to keep the clothes out of sight. {I'll make sure to post a pic when it's done!} So, needless to say my clothes have been strewn about the house in random piles for quite some time... but no more I say! Organization I say! {hopefully this will last a while forever!}

The deal is, though, that I now need to actually sort through all these randomly strewn piles and, ugh, decide what I want to get rid of. {While I'm at it, I need to check if I have enough professional-looking clothes for my week-long trip to San Diego... and if not then my hubby said I can use his credit card to get some!!!!}

7:35 p.m.

The "closet" is done!! Well, the bar and shelf are up, but we don't have any purty curtains up yet. Anyway, I've gone through most of my clothes {except the pile in the dining room and the bathroom.. shhh!} and I now have four separate piles: Keep (&Wash!), Sell (on Bonanzle or Etsy, haven't decided), Give Away (Salvation Army), and the Keep-but-need-to-learn-how-to-sew-so-I-can-alter pile.

Next, I'm going to go through my "Keep" pile to check if I have all of the items on the "Wardrobe Essentials/Must-Have Basics" list. {Please note that this list was found on the Chic Fashionista website and you should visit the previous link for details about making sure your closet has all the essentials upon which you can build great outfits. As she says, "You can never go wrong with plain staple pieces. They're classic pieces that never go out of style and go with absolutely everything."}


white-button down office shirt; black v-neck t-shirt; casual camis, tank tops and tees in solid, neutral colors; black dressy top (ruffles, beautiful buttons or special fabric)


black high-quality v-neck sweater (cashmere or fine wool); black and white cardigans; black and brown turtlenecks; casual, loose hoodie sweatshirt


leather (black and/or brown); denim; windbreaker; lightweight jackets (dark color and light color); dress blazers (dark color and light color)


trenchcoat; parka; wool coat; evening coats; raincoat

Pants and Jeans

all-season dress pants in earthy colors; wool dress pants; dress pants in light colors; black evening dress pants; lightweight linen pants; casual sweatpants; dark blue and light jeans; casual jeans


little black dress; fancy/formal evening gown; casual dress; office work dress; party dress; cocktail dress; summer dress


black all-season office skirt; white summer office skirt; casual summer skirts; black day-to-night skirt; demin skirt


casual; black work; travel-bag; cross-over; evening purse in black and lighter color


wide belt in black and brown; skinny belt in black and brown; regular-sized belt in black and brown

knit (comfy, chunky, in solid colors, for winter); fashion scarves (pashmina, different colors, patterns, etc. great touch for casual outfits)


sheer pantyhose in nude, tan and black; black hold-up stockings; black fishnets; wool tights (black, grey, white or brown)


white sneakers; flats (feminine but casual); black pumps; boots; dress shoes; sandals


diamond stud (or CZ) earrings; diamond (or CZ) pendant necklace; pearl stud earrings; pearl necklace; chandelier earrings; hoops earrings; gold and/or silver bracelets; cocktail ring

*    *    *    *

Thanks Chic Fashionista for this awesome list!! I've learned a lot of things from your website!


Tristin said...

Okay. So i've started working on my scarve collection here in Spain and I LOVE how with the right material you can wear them year round. Your list DEF helped me realize i'm lacking in the belt department. BIG time. I've got some shopping to do now that I know what i'm missing!

Jenn said...

ugh if i could spend all my money on scarves i would!! haha... Yea I'm totally lacking in the belt department too.. i only have TWO! there's actually a LOT on this list that i am missing!!

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