LookBook Review | Andy of

She is a Mexican freelance fashion stylist & blogger living and working in Amsterdam and I think I have a girl-crush <3 haha, just joking, but seriously.... I am in LOVE with her style.. Can't help but feel envious & jealous even though I know that's wrong!! Alright, well, let's just say I'm happy for her that God blessed her and endowed her with such fashion-sense ;) Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to enjoy looking at her pictures!!

Good Lord... I just can't get enough!!!!

I'll be showing her again ;)


Tristin said...

Love this style!

Jenn said...

my favorite is the aqua-ish jacket with the big gold buttons and skinny jeans... I want it!!

Jenn said...

oh duh, p.s.: thanks so much for being my first follower!!! and commenter!!! :-)

leonie said...

your blog will be sure to pick up hon! gotcha followed on bloglovin! hope you can support mine as well if you like it (:


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