hiatus and blogger design

Quick post to say first that I wont be posting until next Tuesday (returning from San Diego next Monday night) and second for everyone to please excuse the messy header.

I created that image in Polyvore and I want to center it and make it bigger, but when I go into the "Edit HTML" section of Blogger, I cannot find the spot where I can edit the width and height of the image... and I have added align="center" and float="center" in the Header section where it mentioned "Blog Title", but that didn't work apparently... Pretty annoying!!

Does anyone know how to fix it?! I want the image to be a bit bigger and centered... Also I want to center the "Description" too... but if I can't do that, that's fine, I'll either delete it or go back into Polyvore and edit the design to include the description.

So, if anyone can give me some pointers that'd be great!! (I've already searched on Google...)



Dolls Factory said...

Hello , I came to your blog from the “IFB discussion Show us your blog”
and here I am Loving your blog , lets become fashionable blogger friends , lets follow each other.

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Jenn said...

Thanks Dolls Factory :) I'll gladly follow your blog :) And I'll check out the Fendi giveaway right now!

Thanks! God bless <3

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