Cycle Chic 'Round the Globe: Copenhagen

This post was inspired by Dolls Factory's Facebook Page - they posted an album on looking fashionable while riding bicycles and I loved almost every picture! It reminded me of Paris with my sister, where almost everywhere we looked we'd see gorgeous Parisiennes bicycling to work. They always looked so chic and even managed to bike in tight pencil skirts without looking at all foolish.

Anyway! I then found the "Cycle Chic" blogs: Copenhagen, Barcelona, Dublin, Vancouver, etc -- all filled with beautiful pictures of beautiful women (& men!) on beautiful bicycles. There's just something about a bicycle that makes a well-put together ensemble look 20 times cooler ;)

I'm going to show pics from all the cities I can find on the Cycle Chic blogs, and I'm starting with Copenhagen -- one of the StreetStyle fashion capitals of the world.

Sometimes you just wish September would never end.
Even though we often have lovely Indian Summers in Copenhagen in September,
you still feel like you're on borrowed time and you're grateful for it.
Cycle Chic Copenhagen

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Do you live in an area where you can bike to work? 
I don't :( Unless I want to ride 25 miles a day!!



Dolls Factory said...

Hey there . It came out a great post.
I'd love to go around in a bike, but Milan is not Biker-frindly at all. No special streets for bicycles, and furthermore we have some old streets made in 1800 with little stones.

Italy is famous for their motocycles like the Vespa, that is quite romantic and chic too (but non environmental friendly)

Jenn said...

Hey Dolls :) Thanks so much :)
Milan must be such a beautiful (and stylish!!) place to live. My husband and I visited Venice and Bari on our honeymoon this summer - lots of vespas in the narrow streets of Bari!
I can't ride a bicycle to work because I basically live in the countryside and it is a 20 minute drive to work! :)
Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

I love this post Jenn!!! Reminds me of what we saw in Paris. And I remember what looked like a mom and her young daughter sitting on the seat in front of her and they were dressed so chic.
Your sis,

Jenn said...

:) Thanks :) I will do one on Paris, even though they don't actually have a Cycle Chic blog - amazingly. They probably know that everyone already knows they are the world capital of cycle chic so why would they need to blog about it ;)

Sharon said...

Since this post as you know I have a car and my bike is collecting dust now. I have gotten lazy, but this post is inspiring!

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