Blog Review: Vanessa Jackman This woman has SUCH an eye for Streetstyle! And she must have an awesome camera, cause these photos are great!! Ugh, such eye candy!!

An Australian lawyer-turned-photographer living in London, Ms. Jackman's images have been featured in British and Australian "Vogue" magazines, as well as French and German "Glamour" to name a few.

I'm not sure I would ever ever be able to go through her whole blog to pick which photos I like best {in August alone she has posted 52 times!!}, but I'm going to try my best to show which styles caught my eye while digging around her fashion-inspiring blog... Maybe, as a way to make sure I don't post every single picture from her blog, I will post my favorite Fall-fashion images ;)

OK... my goodness... I barely even got three pages into her blog and I was just in love with every picture! Sorry about the image over-load, but isn't that what fashion blogs are all about?! <3


Sharon said...

I love them all! I want that hat in the first picture!

Sharon said...

OK, Still Love Love Love every look! Aaahhh!! >3

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