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I know I've stumbled across before, but recently I bookmarked it (and their blog) so that I can check back more often. I really can't afford the prices on most of the items, but I love them SO much!! Also, I wish I wore dresses more often... sometimes they're just so impractical :(

ModCloth has a system in place, called Be The Buyer, where you can vote on which designs end up getting produced and sold on ModCloth. It's an extremely good technique, I think, of knowing exactly what the customers want because they actually get to choose what ModCloth puts on their virtual "racks"!! What an ingenious idea. The potential customer chooses either "Pick It!" or "Skip It!" and then requests to get notified if their item was picked to be produced... then she can wear it knowing that she helped that design come into the world :)

Here are a couple items that I liked best that are currently being voted on:

created by me {Jennaveve} on

They're just so feminine|vintage|retro|mod|purtyyy!!

Here are some items that have either been picked to be put into production and are now for sale at ModCloth or that didn't make the cut {no pun intended!}... I happen to like love all of them!:
created by me {Jennaveve} on
created by me {Jennaveve} on

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Be sure to check out and vote on the designs you would buy if they were sold at ModCloth! Happy browsing!

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