Paris Guide Part I of IV: What to Wear

A high-school friend who is living in Rota, Spain with her husband posted the following on my Facebook profile:
JENN! I forgot to tell you! I leave for Paris next Thursday!!! 4 days there. But I need your help! What do I eat?! What do I SAY?! (But most importantly, what do I WEAR!!!?) ;) What can you teach me in one week?!
So! Looks like I got my work cut out for me! I figured I'd turn it into a blog post :) I think it will have to be a 4-part post where I will cover:

What to Wear | What to Say | What to Eat | What to See
An American in Paris
What to Wear:

Well, I totally understand how intimidating this is! Um, hellooo, Fashion Capital of the World here you come! Parisiennes are so effortlessly put-together it's not even funny. But, in the end, don't even worry about - just don't wear anything that a.) isn't "you" - you aren't going to enjoy yourself if you're uncomfortable in something that you're not used to wearing, and b.) anything that screams "tourist from the US" - which I can't imagine you would ;)

I checked the weather for next week and it's looking like you'll most likely run into some rain the first couple days (not unusual for October), but Paris is still beautiful when it's gray and gloomy looking! And you can get some good black&white photos :) Then the weather says that the next couple days are partly sunny and patchy clouds. So your best bet is probably pants/jeans (or skirt/dress over warm tights and boots!) and sweaters or shirts paired with a light jacket, so you can take your jacket off in restaurants and not be too hot inside, but still be warm and stylish outside ;) (Just please be sure to not hang it on the back of your chair if there is a table behind you. Pick-pocketers purposefully sit behind people to search through their jackets from behind!)

Oh, and maybe you haven't needed one in sunny Espana, but it should go without saying that you need to get yourself a rainbrella, as my boss's 4 year old grand-daughter would say.


I think the 3 most important things I would suggest are:

1.) A cross-over purse that's not too easy to get open - one with a zipper and a button/magnet. Again, pick-pocketers. Keep it in front of you with your hand on it at all times, but especially on the subway and when going through a crowd -- will be less crowded though since the tourist season has died down. I know you know this, but it's worth repeating. (And don't be surprised if you see some women walking around with their purse literally around their neck! Like, hanging at their chest! That's how bad the pick-pocketing is there.)

2.) Scarves! It's the ever-present Parisian accessory and the messier it looks the better :)

3.) Comfortable shoes. Two words: cobblestone streets. I'm sure you know exactly what I mean since you live in Spain. Plus you will be walking a ton!! So comfy shoes are not always stylish, but who gives a crud lol. Why ruin your time in Paris because of stupid, painful blisters caused by a pair of sexy, fashionable heels?! Flats and a pair of skinny jeans are just as stylish. Unless you totally have the heel-on-cobblestone feat mastered, then by all means - rock the sexy heels ;)

Paris Street Style for Some Inspiration

But again, who gives a cr*p what those classy, perfect,
eat-cheese-and-butter-for-every-meal-and-not-gain-an-inch-of-fat Parisians think of what you're wearing! :-)

Just be comfy and

Does anyone have anything else to add?! I'm sure I left something out!



Cycle Chic 'Round the Globe: Barcelona

In my first post featuring pics from a Cycle Chic blog, I featured Copenhagen. Today I want to share:

Barcelonaaaa..... My hubby and I were supposed to go here on our honeymoon, but our cruise was canceled and we ended up taking an Eastern Mediterranean cruise instead of Western Mediterranean. Nothing to complain about there!!!

However, since I did a ton of research on this beautiful city in preparation for the honeymoon, it is still on my must-visit list - which is about a mile long ;)

These pics make me want to jump on a plane to Barcelona this minute!


Paris Fashion Week S/S 2011: Day One - Hideous or Avant-Garde?

Tell me what you think.
Are these outfits just a crazy and hideous joke?

Are the designers running out of ideas, so they just throw a bunch of random things together and call it fashion - just because they can?

Or do you think the designers are avant-garde and that they will be the inspiration for next Spring & Summer's off-the-rack retailers?

So tell me, do you think these styles will go from catwalk to sidewalk?
Or do you hope you never have to lay eyes on them again!?

Personally - I think the only half-way decent ones are the last three (and maybe the 6th and 7th images). I do think the second pink billowy dress is beautiful, but if you're looking at it as art, not as wearable fashion - which runway designs rarely are wearable, I know...
But as for catwalk to sidewalk?
I think only the last three have even the slightest hope of achieving that!



Supermodels of the 90s: Stella Tennant

If the elegant gene was going to kick in,
I think it would have done so by now, don't you?
Nationality: Scottish
Birth Date: December 17, 1970
Status: Cover girl, Established, Retired (mostly)
Known for: Androgynous look, Hair, Height, Septum ring
Muse for: Karl Lagerfeld (2002)
Feuds: Claudia Schiffer (who was bitter about being replaced by Tennant at Chanel)
Model Turned: Designer (Burberry)
Interests: Embroidery, Sculpture, Gardening
Source: NY Mag

Vogue IT Feb. 03
ph. by Nathaniel Goldberg
Vogue US Nov. 01
"The Lost Weekend"
ph. by Arthur Elgort
Harper's Bazaar Aug. 96
ph. by Patrick Demarchalier
Harper's Bazaar Sep. 95
ph. by Patrick Demarchalier
with Linda Evangelista, Kristen McMenamy
Harper's Bazaar US Feb. 02
"New Shapes"
ph. by Craig McDean
Vogue UK Nov. 01
"Lone Star"
ph. by Nathaniel Goldberg
Vogue US Jun. 06
"Lean Machine"
ph. by Patrick Demarchelier
W US Mar. 02
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W US Mar. 02
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Vogue US May 2006
"No rules, Britannia!"
photographer: Mario Testino
Vogue (US) October 2005
"Scotland Yards"
Photography by Mario Testino
Flair IT Apr03
ph. by Michael Thomson

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