Too many choices!

Choosing a background stresses me out! I want ALL of them!!! I feel too restricted having to choose just one style and so I may switch it up every now and then, if it isn't going to be too much work rearranging the blog to accommodate the background... we'll see ;-)... {it's different with clothes - one day I can be Boho, the next day I can be Classic.. but blogger background seem so permanent!}

For now, I am checking out backgrounds on the Shabby Chic Blogger Backgrounds website (or, as they call it, "Blog Couture"). Here are the runners-up from this blog-background-provider:

*  *
*  *  *

Hmm.. which one will I choose? ;-)

*  *  *  *

UPDATE (same night): I didn't end up choosing any. LOL! Was too much work to make them line up and wasn't sure how to get rid of the original blogger template.
That's okay, I think for the purposes of this blog, simpler will be better :)

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Vogue and Vintage said...

Thanks for posting this site, I am always looking for new backgrounds and I have to agree they are hard to choose from. There like shoes! My motto take them all and rotate! ;) Thanks for coming by my space! Im following I hope you do the same...

Vogue & Vintage

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