Sierra Noble * Beautiful Métis Fiddler

Every once in a while my beautiful older sister send me emails with videos, photos or links to her current inspirations, be it fashion, home décor, etc. About 99.99+% of the time I am totally right there with her and I reply with something along the lines of, "Aaahhh I looove it!!! She/they/it is/are sooo beautiful/cool/awesome!!".. :)

A few days ago the subject of the email was "Sierra Noble Fiddles in Wolseley".. I thought, 'ooh this will be cool, I love fiddlers!' But ohhh when I watched her... This girl rocks!! AND she has awesome style!! Oh and she is Métise, which is mixed Native American and European descent... plus she seems so real; check out her website: Canadian Sing Songwriter Sierra Noble

Here is a quote from her website:

"A slim young woman sitting on the stage, simultaneously playing her fiddle and step-dancing, quickly stole the hearts of the capacity audience Tuesday night at Westminster United Church. She also unintentionally stole the show...a previously fidgety audience sat motionless and mesmerized by the smoky, mood-setting music as Noble cast a spell, summoning simpler times gone by." GWENDA NEMEROFSKY, WINNIPEG FREE PRESS

Here is the video that my sister sent.. just look at her rock out on that fiddle!! Such talent..

Now check out her style :) Love that country look:

She's definitely one cool chic :)


Anonymous said...

You should check out the new videos on You Tube of Sierra Noble fiddling - one is titled - "Sierra Noble LIVE at Folklorama 2010" .
Another is titled - "Sierra Noble - DABE"
Sierra is wearing a beautiful dress by Lilith of France in the video for "DABE"
There are also some videos from when Sierra opened for Bon Jovi this summer. Some great new songs! I love her song titled, "I Can See"

Anonymous said...

Sierra Noble's song "Possibility" was recently featured on the TV show "One Tree Hill" - Season 8 - episode 6 - episode titled "Not Afraid".

Jenn said...

Thank you for the comments.. however.. you do realize this is considered spam correct? You are making her look bad when you self-promote her brand like that... Thank you, Jenn

Anonymous said...

She has already released two great cds.

For the métis part, I still don't know if she's really a métis. I know the métis community teach her and take her under their wing but for the roots don't know it's not written anywhere.

Well I love her style and her music. I'm waitnig for a new album and hope to see her on ellen show (that's one of her dream) and I would like her to perform in france. I can't go in canada right now.

Jenn said...

Yes, her music is great :) I do believe I read on her website that she is métis though... Here is a quote from her website

""Sierra Noble, a young Métis fiddling sensation, has proven that preserving culture through music and song is one of the most powerful ways to express oneself...This young woman's performance was spell-binding. She delighted the crowd with her energy, skill and knowledge imparted by many of the greatest fiddlers in Canada. Her message, "Continue to dream. Never give up on your dreams," was underscored throughout her performance."

but then again maybe that woman just assumed she was.. who knows :)

thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenn for the comment. You must be right, she must be métis.
Another thing I would like to know is : Does Sierra speaks French ? She seems to speak the Michif language so who knows. I really hope to see her at some fest noz gigs in France.

By the way, you have a nice blog.
Funny to see that you went in Paris. I live near Paris but with all the snow it just look like Alaska right now. And next time you come in France, you've got to try to eat some raclette, crêpes, escargots, Aligot...we've got some tasty stuff.

C'est sympa de tomber sur une amatrice de musique métis et de la langue française. ;-)

Jenn said...

Merci pour les bons mots :-) J'ai aucune idée si elle parle la français... je l'ai pas beaucoup etudié (Sierra je veut dire)..

J'ai mangé pleins des crêpes en France (à Paris et à Rennes, en Bretagne quand j'étais à l'université) et aussi à Montréal, Québec. Mais je n'ai jamais mangé les autres choses, mais j'adore la cuisine française :) Paris avec la neige est très belle!! J'adore Paris :) J'étais là pendant 4 mois et à Rennes pendant 4 mois.

Merci encore pour tes mots sincères et pour visiter mon blog! Je n'ai pas écrit dans tellement longtemps, c'est pas bien lol, mais un de ces jours là je serais mieux avec l'écriture :-)

a+ ciao! biz!

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