...Finding My Style...

I have been checking out this website, The Chic Fashionista, and have been reading all about how to discover your own personal style based on your body type, face shape, color palette {according to skin tone, hair color and eye color} and on your personality. It's very interesting to find out all these things!

One of the things I learned was that, based on a quiz I took about my personality, my personal style is: Eclectic. I pretty much knew that before I started the quiz, but that's okay :) It must be because it's just that it is too hard to choose just one style that I love the most! The website says that the eclectic style is: "creative, colorful and bit bold." {Please Note: Just because I relate to this style the most doesn't mean I always dress like this! My wardrobe/closet is in serious need for a makeover!! Right now I probably dress more on the Classic side and tend to be a bit "safe" in my outfits.} The website also says that the eclectic style often overlaps with Bohemian and Trendy. However... if we are going with the TRUE sense of the word "eclectic", then it would make sense to say that this style borrows from all other styles! Wouldn't it??? Let's just say that that's how I mean it when I say "Eclectic style".... {See dictionary definition: "Selecting or employing individual elements from a variety of sources, systems, or styles"}

Celebrities in the Eclectic category include (according to the website): Diana Vreeland, Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, Chloé Sevigny, Mary-Kate Olsen, Katy Perry, Whitney Port

Take the quiz yourself to see what your style personality is! Let me know what you got!

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