Finally! Cute Boots!

I don't remember the last time I owned a pair of really cute boots. The past couple autumns/winters I've been wearing two different styles of imitation Uggs... cute, but since I work in a college town pretty much everyone and their sister owns a pair! {albeit, usually genuine Uggs..}

Anyway, I've been really needing to get a pair of boots for the Fall and a pair of professional-looking black mini-heels. Found just what I was looking for at Target :).. {I promise you my dear husband, it was not a frivolous purchase like it usually is!!}

I can't wit to pair these up with skinny jeans and a nice sweater. Ugh, I'm not a summer girl at all! I miss my scarves!! {Wore scarves long in June this year even though everyone would say, "Aren't you HOT with that thing?!".. Nope!}

Oh how I love ankle boots!!And Sienna Miller! And her love of ankle boots!


Tristin said...

LOVE ankle boots. And I hear you on the scarves. You SO need to come for a small shopping spree here. I PROMISE you can tell Jon it won't be that expensive!!! Between all the cheap clothes and shoes at the gypsy market and if you come during rebajas time (sales) .... oooh man... just THINK about all the blog entries you'd have after THAT trip!!! :)
PS... Since the spanish have good weather nearly year round. You should SEEE how bold they get with sandals. Picture ankle boots... but sandals. Amaaaazing.

Jenn said...

ugh you just made my heart skip a beat!!! literallyy!! seriously i might have to take you up on that offer! :-) i'm gonna go google spanish fashion... i'll be baack!

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